Aloha & welcome to Shanti Kai™. At Shanti Kai™ (“Shanti” being the sanskrit word for peace, and “Kai” the Hawaiian word for ocean), we take an integrative and all natural approach to healing and wellness. We believe that nature contains all of the vibrations we need to heal. We capture the healing energies from flowers, gemstones, minerals, and color frequencies and combine them in many different ways to offer you our extensive essence line. Our Blends are designed for specific purposes, such as aura clearing and shielding, attracting abundance, or balancing the seven major chakras of the body. We also offer hundreds of individual essences, drawing from each flower, orchid, gemstone, and mineral its unique vibration for a more targeted healing. Our products are all natural, safe, and effective, and they work on a deep energetic level.
At Shanti Kai, we also offer alternative health services including Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Naturopathy, Holographic Memory Resolution, Energy Work, and Energetic Essence Therapies. Browse through our products and blog posts, read customer testimonials, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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Monthly Special

Clear My Space

Clear My Space EssenceAura and Room Cleanse
Clears negative energy, a great alternative to sage.
Buy four 2oz sprays, get a 2oz Clear My Space spray free!

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Balancing Jupiter – Expansion,
MoonSilk – Balancing Lunar Influences,
Transforming Pluto,
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